SusChem-AT Meeting

13th of September 2017

Laßnitzhöhe, Austria, Hotel Liebmann (


BioNanoNet Strategy Workshop & General Meeting

„Multidisciplinary cooperation in research: nanotoxicology, sensortechnology, health-safety-medicine“

14th of September 2017

Laßnitzhöhe, Austria, Hotel Liebmann (

this event will be supported by Bundesministerium für Gesundheit


Registration is open till 30th of June 2017! Please note that the number of participants is limited! You will receive an email regarding your participation by 6th of July 2017!

These events are for BioNanoNet-members only!



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If you wish to stay overnight on 13th and / or 14th of September, please contact Hotel Liebmann ( for a room reservation in time! Hotel Liebmann has a restricted room contingent for BioNanoNet members! You can also contact Hotel Großschedl "zum Kramerwirt" (