07.05.17 - 10.05.17


Welcome to the European Global Summit for Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine 2017. The goal of the CLINAM Foundation is the same as ever: to contribute to the benefit of patients and society by exploring and translating leading edge technologies towards clinical application, with anemphasis on Nanomedicine, Targeted Medicine and personalization. The summit keeps its tradition to build bridges from the enabling technologies to clinical application for major and neglected diseases. There is broad support for this summit by more than 35 collaborating initiatives.

This is the 10th Summit of its kind. The CLINAM Foundation sees it appropriate using this Jubilee to present a programme with strong focus on the route of nanomedicine to successful clinical applications in targeted and precision medicine and related fields, to discuss critically common bottlenecks based on the 10-years’ experience of our broad international expert community.

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