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Target group: Pharmacists, scientists, engineers and technicians working with nano-materials in the development, manufacturing, licensing, quality assurance and business development of drugs and medical products as well as interested academics from other scientific areas.

Objective: The number of nanomaterials in the pharmaceutical and medical field has almost exponentially rose over the past 15 years and many reports predict that nanotechnology markets will be tens of billions of dollars in the near future. As drug carriers, e.g. for chemotherapy agents, as excipients in traditional forms like tablets or capsules, as coatings of implants and in dental materials, or in biochips and cosmetics, the potential of nanosized materials is increasingly growing. Although nanomaterials in the health care sector are highly accepted by the public, there are many unanswered questions on the potential environmental and health risks associated with the manufacture, use, distribution and disposal of nanomaterials.

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