IACCT2017 is designed to be a multidisciplinary program with participation of members from around the globe focused on exchanging knowledge about the countless aspects of clinical trials. This is a great opportunity to meet colleagues from the clinical trials community from academia, clinical research entities, pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical device industries. At this Congress you will have the opportunity to not only expand your network but also to be privy to presentations that incorporate a wide variety of topics ranging from patient-centricity to conduct, ethics, quality and regulation of clinical trials.
IACCT2017 will:

· Discuss various disciplines involved in clinical research and conduct of clinical trials; 
· Educate about designing, operating, and organizing clinical trials;
· Introduce new methods for collecting and analyzing clinical data, including incorporation of real-world evidence;
· Present regulatory changes and their impact on clinical trials;
· Address a variety of compliance, enforcement and ethical issues;
· and more.

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