07.12.17 - 08.12.17


RESYNTEX is a European research project funded through the SPIRE PPP that develops innovative recycling technology capable of accepting mixed textile fibres to produce marketable chemicals, creating circularity and reducing environmental impact. The range of potential end-products resulting from the Resyntex-process include adhesives for use in wood panels, derived from wool fibres, as well as fuel grade bioethanol, resulting from the conversion of cotton fibres.

We are currently inviting business and industry stakeholders to take part in the upcoming RESYNTEX Value Chain Workshop, which will look at the markets for natural fibre feedstock (in particular wool and cotton) and subsequent end-products, e.g. second generation bioethanol or wood panel adhesives.

During the workshop in Ljubljana, we will look into the viability of industrial symbiosis approaches, whereby excess textile fibres can continue to cascade in industrial production as a secondary resource. We will also investigate potential markets for the future feedstock obtained through textile fibre reprocessing, including questions of quality, price, performance and compatibility with existing reprocessing infrastructure.

The workshop will be highly participatory and provide opportunities to interact with a select group of industry stakeholders on the prospects for textile fibre reuse in a circular economy. Travel and accommodation costs shall be covered by the project.

If you are interested to take part, please contact Valérie Boiten - or Martin Winter –

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