28 Jul 2022 Publications

INISS-Nano: revised concept and action plan

The “international network initiative on safe and sustainable nanotechnology” (INISS-nano) is focussing on the collaboration in different fields pertaining to nanotechnology research in general and nano-safety research in particular. This shall include collaboration in terms of e.g., training, standardisation efforts, test-guidelines development, metrology, commercialisation, ethical aspects, respsonible science and research, sustainability, and joint research, supporting governance, regulatory guidance, and of course being open for further joint working items.

This document is a revision of the first version (which has been published in June 2021) and shows descriptions and an action plan for each of the pillars:

  • Harmonization
  • Support industrial understanding
  • Sharing / facilitate sharing of resources / infrastructures
  • International collaboration on ethical and societal aspects of nanotechnology

The planned actions (published in chapter 3) will pave the way to global scientific collaboration in different fields of nanotechnology research in general and nanosafety research in particular.

BNN supports the initiative since the very beginning. We are happy that many of our projects are already involved and will benefit from INISS-Nano.

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