Bio- and nanomedicine opens up fascinating new chances for medical applications by offering novel methods for drug delivery systems, imaging techniques, diagnostic tools, etc. The diversity of these topics encourages interdisciplinary expertise and connects a variety of scientific fields. The use of smallest particles in the nanometer range enables new methods for improved treatment of numerous diseases. Through Austria`s excellent scientific expertise in these fields, it has also high economic potential.

In 2015, BioNanoNet founded the Austrian platform "NanoMedicine-Austria" to ensure Austria a leading position in this promising and economically highly interesting field. The aim of this platform is to bring together Austrian bio- and nanomedical experts into one platform in order to create appropriate structures to promote science and research and to strengthen the scientific and business location Austria sustainably.
Bundling of bio- and nanomedical expertise

At the first Austrian NanoMedicine Day on 5th of April 2016 at the Danube University Krems, 22 experts from all over Austria discussed and defined the topics to be dealt with in the coming years and the necessary framework conditions in research, education and technology transfer. The discussion about nanotechnologies applied to medicine to address medical needs focused on the topics (i) diagnostics and imaging, (ii) therapeutics and (iii) regenerative medicine. Interesting ideas were exchanged and views on possible future applications for the coming years were given. The results and central ideas will be further developed in upcoming activities.
We kindly invite you to become part of NanoMedicine-Austria contributing your relevant expertise in the platform; if you are interested, please contact
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Scientific research
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