30 Aug 2023 Updates

BRAVE Analytics and ZFE win the ACR (Austrian Cooperative Research) Start-up Award 2023

For the development of a groundbreaking method for the identification of micro- and nanoparticles in liquids, the start-up BRAVE Analytics GmbH and the ACR Institute ZFE – Center for Electron Microscopy receive the ACR Start-up Award 2023.

The novel technology is realized via a combination of the OptoFluidic Force Induction (OF2i®) method developed in advance by BRAVE Analytics GmbH and Raman microscopy, which is being researched at ZFE for microplastic detection.

Concrete application possibilities in the medical field will be evaluated in the course of the project and first results from ongoing laboratory studies are already expected for early 2024.


Visit BRAVE Analytics website to learn more about them.