18 Jun 2024 - 18 Jun 2024 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Online Event

SaferWorldbyDesign Webinar: Data Compliance in the AI age

SaferWorldbyDesign Webinar: Data Compliance in the AI age – how to manage your data and documents in a compliant way – new challenges and how to address them

Presenter: Daniel Burgwinkel (Edelweiss Connect)

Join the SaferWorldbyDesign webinar where a comprehensive update on the latest regulations is provided and explore strategies to meet the new Data Governance requirements. This session is designed to help industry professionals navigate the ever-evolving landscape of compliance and document/data management.


Key Topics:

AI Compliance Requirements: Understand the current and forthcoming compliance requirements for AI applications, delve into guidelines from major regulatory bodies such as the OECD and the EU AI Act, align your AI projects with these standards to ensure ethical and legal compliance

Data Quality and Data Governance: Discover the new EMA Data Quality Framework and its implications for your data management practices, explore practical approaches to ensure your data is accurate, reliable, and compliant with regulatory expectations

Document Management for Regulatory Records: Get updated on the FDA’s Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA) and its impact on data/record management, learn how to efficiently manage and maintain regulatory records to comply with MoCRA requirements, understand the importance of robust document management systems in ensuring regulatory compliance and operational efficiency

Data Sovereignty and Dataspaces: Examine the concept of data sovereignty and its significance in today’s regulatory environment.

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